Kane County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #14
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Hot News!! Any problems you may have with the Lodge or its employees need to be brought to our attention. Please let us know how to be better!! Hot News!!
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Solicitor Complaint and Donation Issue Form: Use this form to let us know if you have experienced any problems with our solicitor. You may also use it to let us know of any pleasant experiences you may have had in their dealings with you. You may also use this form if you have any questions about our solicitors.

Your comments will be answered in a timely manner. In an effort to maintain the highest standards, our solicitors record the conversations between their employee and you, the potential contributor. Therefore it is imperative that we have the call date and time or at least the telephone number at which the solicitors contacted you in order to properly identify the call and take the appropriate corrective action.

The FOP thanks you for taking the time to let us know of any problems you may be experiencing. We also appreciate your continued support of our organization and the law enforcement officers in Kane County.

*Email Address:
*Phone # that the solicitors call came in to:
Phone # you can be reached at:
Date of solicitors call:
Time of solicitors call (approx):
*Explanation of Complaint:
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